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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions – around the tyres. If the answer longer than few lines, we provide you more information in separate article/link.

Is there an additional cost for tyres?

No, all of our tyre prices include Fitting&Balancing, disposal of your old tyres, new rubber valve (if it fitted), VAT and of course the wheel will be fitted back onto your car.

Why I need to pick up the tyres in the service why I can’t choose the home delivery?

We are a service and the delivery (with packing, posting and tracking) make the tyres expensively. And you need to wait to runner and after you need to fitting the tyres somewhere. We can give you a complete service for cheaper price in local.

What do the markings on the tyre mean?

Please click for view the complete article about markings

What is the EU Tyre Label?

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Can Quality Assurance be meaning for tyres fitting?

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How is the legal limit of tread depth?

In case of car tyres the accepted limit 1.6 mm of summer tyres and 4.0 mm of winter tyres. You can use the winter tyres to 1.6 mm limit as summer tyres. But you need to fit same type (summer or winter or four season) tyre on both side of every axle.

What does wheel alignment mean?

Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the parameters of the wheels so that they are symmetric to each other to ensure that vehicle travel is straight. Correct wheel alignment will keep your wheels in line with your steering wheel. Keeps your tyres in top condition by reducing uneven tyre wear saving you money. Wheel alignment has an important role to play in keeping your car central on the lane.

Why I need the wheel alignment?

The car straight run depends on precise settings. When you use the car: for example the road surface errors hit the wheels or you need to go throughout the pavement edges or need replace any parts of steering object, these parameters changing.

Why I need to alignment four wheels?

For cars with multi arm rear axle all four wheels must be adjusted. This can guarantee the straight run of car and proper wear of tyres.

What is a puncture?

The most common cause of a flat tyre is the puncturing of the tyre by a sharp object, such as a nail, thereby letting air escape. We can use two methods of puncture repair, having a policy against patching should the tyre's tread be below what would be considered legal.

How works the quick puncture repair?

During the quick repair we widen the puncture leak while will be enough space for a special sealer string and put the string to the leak. But we think that it just a temporary solution and newer tyres need to repair with patch technology. Yes, we need more time to do it and more expensive than the quick repair, but it’s the better and stronger solution.

Why you don’t repair the tyre shoulder damages?

A repair cannot take place if the shoulder has been punctured because during the driving a shoulder part continuously change his shape and can broke any patch again.

Why you don’t repair the tyre wall damages?

We know the exact procedure of side wall repair, but we don’t do it by two reasons. Firstly this mode of repair need more time and you can use the tyre just from the next day. Secondly the cost of repair might be over the new tyre price what you can buy.

Why are you balancing the wheel?

Each rotating body is subjected to centrifugal force. The displacement caused by force depends on the distribution of weight. During balancing, we make the wheel’s weight distribution more even. Without this, the wheel would vibrate as you drive, and the vibration could damage the chassis, steering, or shock absorber. It would also reduce road management, driveability and travel comfort.

Do I need to balance the rear wheels?

While driving, the balance of all the wheels on the car affects driving comfort and safety. There are no questions.
Who know the answers for 'tyre' questions
Who know the answers for “tyre” questions

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