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  • Where is our tyre service?

    We are just one place in the Universe worth visiting. If you live in the Dublin area, you have found a professional tyre service. https://tyresforlongmiles.ie

  • Lock nuts (wheel guard) – how to use it?

    Reading time: 4 min.
    Lock nuts What is this little bastard looking like a wheel bolt / wheel nut? Is it enough to pull it well and protect the wheel from theft? Yes, it looks like that. That's why many people don't think (unfortunately not even professionals always do) that it's different than a wheel […]
  • Check the tyres – what should i notice?

    Reading time: 5 min.
    Introduction In the law we must to check the tyres with eyes before the first start on every day. But usually we are checking only is the tyre flat or not and maybe the sidewall injuries. The drivers often forget to check the tread during they can spend longer time with […]
  • Environmental protection – REPAK ELT

    Reading time: 3 min.
    What can do the tyre business for the environmental protection? Preliminary The modern people can forget about the environment (or the environmental protection) while enjoying the products of the modern age. Road cars are no exception from these products. If we multiply the number of cars with 4 (wheels) we get […]
  • Buy second hand tyre – why? why not?

    Reading time: 5 min.
    Introduction When the tread depth of the tyre reaches the limit of 1.6 mm, it must to be replaced, and this is regardless of whether you are satisfied with the tyres or not. But what can we buy instead?Should we be better off with a new or second hand tyre? First […]
  • How can you increase driving comfort and tyre life?

    Every car is different. But they all need maintenance.

  • This noise familiar. But where did I hear it?

    Where is this noise from?

  • Quality assurance

    If you seems that more steps is skipped we are afraid you don’t get quality work.

  • What, where and how? – Me and my staff

    Reading time: 2 min.
    What I do like own staff? At the end of a course longer than 500 hours, after theoretical and practical exams, I became qualified professional. I can check, fit, repair and balance the tyre, check and set the wheel alignment, but really "Your safety and comfort on the road is my […]
What's the news in the service?
What’s the news in the service?

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