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Customers may never ask us: is it possible to fit and repair a tyre to quality standards as quality assurance? And the answer is yes.
Regardless, we always carry out our work in our service (except for a few special cases) in accordance with professional regulations, environmental regulations and legislation. The tyre service is in Walkinstown, in Long Mile Business Park, called Tyres for Long Miles.
At the end of the working day, you will not find broken tools, oil stains on the floor, scattered rubbish or an uncleaned washbasin with us. We also pay attention to the quality of the work done.

Here is an example:

Steps of the correct new tyre fitting and balancing
  • Brake the car,
  • Dismantle wheel covers (if there are),
  • Remove locknuts (if there are),
  • Loosen wheel bolts,
  • Lift up the car,
  • Remove wheel bolts,
  • Remove valve cover and valve core,
  • Press down both sides of tyre from sealing edges,
  • Dismount tyre from rim,
  • Remove old balancing weights from rim,
  • Remove old rubber valve,
  • Clean rim beads from old residue,
  • Fit the new valve,
  • Make the surface slippery on tyre sealing edges,
  • Fit the tyre,
  • Inflate the tyre,
  • Check the valve air closing,
  • Clean the rim surface where the adhesive balancing weights will be put later (if the rim is alloy),
  • Set the wheel parameters on balancing machine,
  • Rotate the wheel for calculating the balancing weights and their positions,
  • Put the weights to the correct position,
  • Rotate the wheel again for checking the tyre balance,
  • If the different is bigger than 5 grams, put the correct weights and check again until there are no difference,
  • Fit the wheel to the car,
  • Check wheel bolts tightening torque (not over or under tighten),
  • Check all the tyres pressure.
If you seems that more steps is skipped we are afraid you don’t get quality work.
Quality work

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