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TPMS valve repair/replacement

About the problem

Lot of car fitted with pressure measure valves due the car safety rules change from 2012. During the use the metal valve stem started to rust. This is a kind of chemically rust between the aluminium valve stem and the steel valve cup. Car owners who have a good tyres, removing these cups rarely for inflate tyres. And once coming a time, nobody can remove the cup without any physical damage of valve stem. The question only is the broke is below or over the valve core? In first case you will lose the pressure within seconds and must to change the wheel. You are lucky in second case, because you can use the tyre and have a time to find a professional who can your tpms valve repair.
We have parts for most often used valves at the Tyres for Long Miles service except the pressure sensors.

Problem solutions

Valve stem replacement

This is the cheaper solution, because we can use the original pressure sensor and don’t need to programming the new sensor or/and car computer.

Valve replacement

In this case you need to buy factory, OEM or universal valves with sensors and need to programming the new sensor or/and car computer.

Of course, this is not all the information about the tpms valve repair, but if you know this, you should no longer be surprised by the service.
Metal cup on valve
Metal cup on valve

Broken valve stem
Broken valve stem

New valve stem
New valve stem

Plastic cup on TPMS valve
Plastic cup

New TPMS valve
New TPMS valve

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