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Tyre fitting and balancing

In our service the tyre fitting and balancing contains:

  • take off the wheel from your car,
  • remove the old tyre,
  • clean the rim edges,
  • replace the rubber valve (if it fitted),
  • fit the new tyre,
  • balance the wheel,
  • put back the wheel to car,
  • check the wheel nuts/bolts tighten,
  • check the tyre pressure.

If you leave the worn tyres here we need pay charge for the tyre recycling. Every legal tyre services must be paid this fee.

Maybe you didn’t know some details of process: Release the pressure from the tyre because can not move the tyre edge over the safety humps. Remove the “hammer type” weights from the rim edges before they can damage the rim during the rotation on tyre changer. Remove the tyre from the rim, but don’t damage the valve with pressure sensor. Make slippery the tyre edges (this is independent from the new or worn tyre), inflate the tyre while edges jump over the safety humps.

During balancing, the weight distribution of the wheel is made more even so that no vibration occurs during rotation. The device detects any vibration during rotation and then displays its location and the amount of compensating weight on the display.
Balancing can be done with a “hammer type” weight or a self-adhesive weight. In the case of self-adhesive weights, a slightly larger weight should generally be used, as the weight inside the rim is affected by a smaller centrifugal force due to its proximity to the center.

Tyre fitting and balancing equipment
Tyre fitting and balancing equipment

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