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Patched puncture repair

Patch or mushroom?

The material of patched puncture repair technology depends on size of injury. In case of small puncture we can use simple patch for repair. In case of bigger injury we need to use the ‘mushroom’ for repair. You can find an article about quick puncture repair.
But the technology used depends on the location of the injury. When the damage is on the sidewall, most of times not repairable.


We know the exact procedure of sidewall repair, but we don't do it by two reasons. Firstly this mode of repair need more time and you can use the tyre just from the next day. Secondly the cost of repair might be over the new tyre price what you can buy.

Is it worth it?

Newer tyres recommended to repair with patched puncture repair technology.
After this we need to balancing the wheel because the tyre and rim can rotate relative to each other. Yes, you need spend more time in the service and more expensive than the quick repair, but it’s the better, stronger and safer solution. And you can use the car as before the puncture.

Not very often, but we may see tyres with two or more patches or mushrooms. And these tyres are replaced because the tread depth is below the legal limit.
So, is it worth it?

Puncture repair with mushroom
Puncture repair with mushroom

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