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Quick puncture repair

How works the quick repair?

During the quick puncture repair:
– we clean the hole for a better seal result,
– and put a special sealer string to the leak.
After this repair we don’t need balancing the wheel because the tyre and rim didn’t rotate relative to each other. This is only a temporary solution. And the string plug can be used for holes up to 6 mm in diameter only.
Newer tyres need to repair with patch technology. Yes, we need more time to do it and more expensive than the quick repair, but it’s the better, stronger and safer solution.

The story of quick puncture repair in a few words.

The car race age brought the question of fast repair. Nobody has enough time for lift up the car and change the wheels during the race (except the Formula-1 and similar high speed races). And nobody can to conjure up a complete tyre service to the road side. Mainly not in the desert. But the Dakar racers must be wizard. Immediately. And what is the fastest solution for repair the flat tyre? Clogging the hole and inflating the tyre. And go ahead. We can thanks this string plug fast repair technique with the Dakar races where were used first time successfully.

Basic tools for quick puncture repair
Basic tools for quick puncture repair

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